Matthew Barnes

Matthew Barnes was born in the South, and the South's rich storytelling tradition permeates his work as a photographer. In his late teens, Matthew became a fixture in the music business in Nashville, shooting over 500 album covers with work regularly published in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. His early work has given him a particular affinity for performers and artists of all kinds. Upon arriving in LA, his work soon caught the attention of a market looking for an inventive and narrative vision. His gift as a strong storyteller quickly expanded to lifestyle and innovative advertising campaigns for Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Jack Daniels Distillery, Sony, SAAB, Trump Dubai and many others.

Matthew's work has organically evolved into motion as another outlet for his creativity and he has been capturing stories in commercials, videos and shorts. He has worked with award-winning agencies such as 7th Art, J. Walter Thompson, The Richards Group, McCann Erickson, The Martin Agency, Draft FCB, among other greats. Matthew attended New York Film Academy and Art Center College of Design and has received awards of excellence from APNY, PDN, Communications Arts, and Print Magazine, among others.

Although recognized for his commercial success, Matt is a prolific travel photographer and has a large collection of work from assignments around the world. He has recently begun teaching photography workshops abroad and is passionate about this aspect of his business.

Currently, Matthew works on both coasts and maintains residences in LA and NYC. An avid cyclist, when not shooting he can be found on his bike.