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Annee Elliot

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Annee's career began unknowingly in the early 90s for famed hair stylist oribe; introductions led to studio management and production for dewey nicks, steven meisel and other photographers. From there she produced for Achard & Associates and created an indie hair, makeup and stylist division which led to bringing the artists to the New York office of Atlantis from Paris. After representing hair and makeup artists for many years at Atlantis, she started a photography division which she eventually brought to PMI. after eight years at PMI, she joined Walter Schupfer Management and Cornelia Adams, respectively. Four years ago she left the desk and became a freelance producer in New York, Los Angeles, Miami Beach and
San Francisco. She also does a bit of art producing, in 2012 I freelanced for over a year at MAC Cosmetics and Jo Malone London.
She loves to location scout and usually has the latest street locations on file.
Amanda Pratt, Anders Overgaard, Andrew Dosunmu, Anne Menke, Antoine Verglas, Beau Grealy, Ben Watts, Bloomers & Schumm, Carlton Davis, Charles Masters, Chris Shipman, Coolife, Dan Forbes, Dan Martensen, David Meredith, David Prince, Dean Isidro, Dewey Nicks, Donja Pitsch, Elliston Lutz, Fabio Chizzola, Frances Tulk-Hart, Gavin Bond, Iris Brosch, Jack Coble, James Fisher, Jamie Nelson, John Balsom, Jonas Bresnan, Jules Schratter, Katrina Dickson, Kevin Tachman, KT Auleta, Kutlu, Kwaku Alston, Louis Christopher, Lucio Gelsi, Maciek Kobislski, Marcel Christ, Mark Borthwick, Martien Mulder, Martyn Thompson, Matthew Hranek, Michael Muller, Michel Comte, Mikako Koyama, Munetaka Tokuyama, Nicolas Moore, Phil Knott, Philippe Salomon, Rainer Hosch, Richard Pierce, Robbie Fimmano, Sheryl Nields, Shu Akashi, Steven Meisel, Stewart Shining, Tim Georgeson, Tim Walker, Todd Marshard, Warwick Saint.