Brandy Kraft

Agent: Joe Skinner
Brandy Kraft is a visual artist and wardrobe stylist from Miami. FL. She started off in 2006 working as an assistant to editors for Ocean Drive magazine. Since then, she has worked as a stylist for kids and adults for catalogs, advertisements, editorials, and has everything from music videos to TV commercials under her belt. Her diverse work experience has trained her to have a sharp eye for detail and a quick reaction to challenges. In 2010-2012 she spent time living in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband learning first hand, the Scandinavian expression of fashion. While there she worked as a wardrobe and prop stylist for a private studio and as a visual merchandiser for two boutiques.< Her styling approach blends a strong artistic merit and intuition together with compelling international influences.
Billy Rood, David Bicho, Ingrid Sjödahl, Victor Skrebneski

Dark Beauty, Highlights, Naperville, Stockholm Fashion Week, SÝN, Today’s Chicago Woman, Z!nk