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Equal parts industry expert/understanding confidante, Ambrose is loved as much for their calming influence as they are for their flawless techniques. Often requested on-set by photographers, directors, producers & peers, Ambrose enjoys attending to talent with a personal, caring touch.

Ambrose is a makeup artist, hairstylist, and grooming expert based in Buffalo, New York. With twenty years of experience in commercials, tv & film in both Los Angeles & New York City, they returned to their hometown in 2012 to lead a team of professional artists through an artist collaborative they founded called Groom Service.

Ambrose’s clients include ESPN, CNN, New Era Cap Co., VH1, Clinique, Lexus, BMW, Real Simple, and LOFT. They have worked with actors, models & athletes including Khalil Mack, Donovan Mitchell, Sterling Shepard, Ben Schwartz, Robin Thicke, Aubrey Plaza, Barbie Ferreira & Gillian Jacobs.

Ambrose is a member of The Powder Group & a frequent contributor to On Makeup Magazine.

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