Jason Linkow grooming

Jason Linkow grooming



Jason brings a solid technical foundation to his craft. Creative communication through hair design is his motto.

Specializing in hair styling and haircuts, each project is approached with a philosophy of imparting an emotional feeling into each creation.

Jason’s work has been featured globally in Magazines, Runway, TV, Film, Music, and Commercials.

You can find Jason in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Some of his favorite activities are exploring the city, science fiction, and philosophy. 



Print - Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Paper, Reserved, L’Officiel, Mob Journal, Shuba, Vanity Teen, Slippage, Mr. Warburton, Colecta, Genzo, Vulkan, American Cool, Gmaro, Scorpio Jin, Dreamingless, Elegant, Veneno, The Perfect Man, Mover Paris, Awake Review, Models Culture, Period, Vivier, Fienfh, Purple Haze, Holm, Prime, Dappy, Feroce, Kaltblut, Haite Punch, Malvei, Piction, Volant, Force, Luscious, Lapalme

Celebrity - Donna Karan, Michael C Hall, Jackie Hoffman, Lisa Howard, Josh Groban, Naomi Judd, Patricia Field, Ashanti, Paula Zahn, Zumi, Stephen Puth, Rob Zebrecky

TV - Andy Cohen, On the Case with Paula Zahn, IIFA, Associate Press, Entertainment Tonight

Film - Decay, Times Seven, Personea

Press - Fashion Week Online, InStyle, Bloomberg, Denver Film Festival, The Denver Post, AARP

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