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Makeup artist Markphong is passionate about beauty and fashion. From his humble beginnings in his native Vietnam, he developed a fascination with makeup and art when he was only 6 years old. With limited resources in Vietnam, he had to learn makeup the old-fashioned way: he observed his aunt’s makeup techniques and then practiced his craft on his cousins, classmates, and friends.

After high school, he worked as an actor, stylist, and casting for a film production company in Vietnam. From there, he went to college in Texas before settling in New York where he fostered his artistic gifts.

Since his move to New York, Markphong has built up his portfolio by working on sets with photographers, hairstylists, and models. He mastered his skills and techniques through practical experience and through experimentation with lighting on set.

By exploring different techniques, playing with textures and colors, Markphong developed his signature looks #skinlookslikeskin and #fadingeyes. Clients are drawn to his personality and his love for the art of beauty. Markphong believes that simplicity and elegance are the defining factors of true beauty.


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