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Eri is an accomplished and creative makeup artist and session stylist with a wide range of experience in all aspects of production, media, and fashion.

Eri began her career as a makeup artist working behind the counter at Department stores. Her love for color, drive to help women feel beautiful, and positive attitude quickly pushed her career forward allowing her to manage counters, and stores throughout the Florida region.

Eri quickly became known for her personalized attention and the ability to customize makeup, regardless of who sat in her chair. Her beauty philosophy emphasizes flawless glowing skin, clean lines, and artfully blended colors that enhance natural beauty. 

As her career progressed she moved into the editorial and commercial side of Makeup and hair and was quickly represented by a talent agency that allowed her to hone her skills and travel doing makeup for TV Shows, Fashion Brands, and Commercials.   

Eri is also a Beauty Educator both behind and in front of the camera. Due to her 17 years of experience in the Beauty Industry, and love and curiosity for new innovative products, she was recruited to be a spokesperson and trainer for several Beauty Brands.

Today Eri is known for her work with notable clients such as MTV, E! Entertainment, TLC, A&E, ESPN, YouTube, Elle Magazine, HSN, Old Navy, HGTV, Target, ZARA, Vogue, and more.


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