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Anthony Bermudez was born and raised in South Florida, making him a rare breed in the sunshine state. He's the youngest of five children with two brothers and sisters. His mother was born in Puerto Rico and his father came from Ireland.

Out of his immediate family, he was the only one that fell into the fashion industry. At the age of 18, he began his journey through a friend. He was introduced into the film industry as an extra and he did that for a couple of years, along with commercials and independent films. Throughout this experience, he fell in love with the creative side of the film industry so he knew he wanted to develop and work with this side of himself. During this time, he was also working as an assistant to an interior designer at Chantik Import for five years. Ultimately, he got into fashion by meeting the boutique owner of Sanferada in Hollywood, Florida. She asked him to help her out with a couple of fashion shows she was producing. Of course he jumped at the opportunity. Since then, he has branched out for himself and produced shows on his own.
Anthony has styled for some influential ladies in South Florida, and landed his first cover for Flavor Magazine, which led to other covers and spreads. All in all, he's looking to make a bigger name for himself and conquer the fashion industry by storm.

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