ABTP, Artists by Timothy Priano, stands as a premier agency renowned for its illustrious roster, featuring some of the globe's most esteemed figures in various creative domains including photography, hair styling, hair coloring, makeup artistry, wardrobe styling, prop styling, and manicuring

With a legacy spanning over four decades, ABTP has been a cornerstone in serving the editorial beauty and fashion sector, with its talent consistently sought after to contribute to projects that stand the test of time.

The agency's artists embody a spectrum of diversity and inclusivity, hailing from vibrant hubs such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago, each contributing their unique flair to the world of beauty and fashion.

Timothy Priano

In 1981, Timothy Priano began his career as a hair and makeup agent, working with esteemed hairstylists Garren and Thom Priano. His clients' high-profile success inspired Timothy to open ARTISTS by Timothy Priano, in New York City in 1986. A Miami, one of the first in the area, grew to meet demand in 1989 and a Los Angeles division followed in 1998.Timothy's reputation as an agent who cultivates and elevates the careers of his artists attracted such luminaries as Laura Mercier, Oscar Blandi, Serge Normant, Kristofer Buckle, Peter Butler, & Francois Nars to his agency.
As the industry moved into a worldwide market, our search for young photographers and seasoned shooters sought to be represented. a few in the early eighties Jeff Pedersen & Sharon Schuster. Into the nineties Claus Wickrath, Knut Bry, Kenneth Willardt, Marc Hom & Victor Schrager.
The 21st century a higher level of talent to build and develop the careers of Conor Doherty & James T Murray.
The goal of working with young talent to guide the path to greatness.
Over the years, Timothy's work led to the representation of the industry's most revered and respected talent.

Victoria Priano

Victoria 'Vic' Priano began their career as a manager for bands, and venues while bringing ABTP into the viral age six years ago. They've spent the last decade building brands in the entertainment industry with a focus on analog games, live events and interactive media into community powerhouses. They've been nominated for several awards for their design and campaigns with their work featured in Wizards of the Coast, Chaosium, Tor Books and Infinite Black.
They believe influence is more than just a following - it is the potential to make collaborative, powerful art as a community that can break monoliths. They live in Washington Heights, Saint Vitus on the weekends and still keep their do-it-yourself spirit alive in Brooklyn.

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